Mothers peer-support group for pregnant ladies and mothers


The Group meets on Thursdays in Iso Omena Library

Motherhood is for many women one key element in life that is taking up a lot of their energy, time and thought. It is also very joy-giving and can connect women on a person level by shared experiences and challenges.

The peer-support group should help women in their respective situations with feeling empowered, understood and connected. It creates a space for women to share experiences, ask/give advice and just spend time with sisters.
This is especially important for pregnant ladies and ladies who have just experienced the sometimes overwhelming life event of giving birth to a new human being. The group is meant for mothers and pregnant ladies that are foreigners in Finland. Group language will be English.

When: Thursdays, 11 -12:30AM.

Please, notice that group will be held on Wednesdays on the 28th of November and 5th of December!

Where: Iso Omena library, room: Kaisla

For information, please contact  Helene Klix:

045 699 5162