Mentoring group for male jobseekers


The group meets on Wednesdays in Kaisaniemi

This peer group is directed at migrant men who are looking for employment.

The aims of the peer group are:

- to share experiences about unemployment and get peer support from other foreign men in a similar situation

- to learn about and discuss the impact of unemployment on mental well-being and to raise awareness about strategies to boost resilience

- to find and open up new perspectives on a professional career in Finland



When: Wednesdays, 17:00 - 19:00 o'clock (5pm-7pm)

Where: NMKY Offices, Kaisaniemenkatu 8, 00100 Helsinki

Starting: in September (exact dated TBA)


To sign up and to ask for further information, please, contact the group facilitator Sven Claes at


When signing up, kindly write a couple of lines about your backgroud and current situtation.

The group is organised by the HNMKY.