Työpaikkailmoitus: English-speaking peer supporter, Luckan Integration



Luckan Integration organises twice a year a peer support group for international jobseekers with the aim of providing tools and support for foreigners in search of work. The group meets weekly, during 2 months approximately, and different topics are covered in each session. Topics are meant to be empowering and the schedule is constructed taking into account the participants’ needs. Topics vary from CV workshops to sessions on networking, employment services, etc. Oftentimes an expert from a specific field is invited to facilitate the session, with the aim of providing accurate information and also to answer the participants' questions.


We are looking for a facilitator for our peer support group in the fall. Experience in facilitating support groups is evidently a plus, but not necessarily required. Facilitator must speak fluent English (Swedish and/or Finnish is a plus) and as the name of the group says, must be a "peer": someone who moved to Finland from abroad and who has gone through the process of job seeking and therefore is familiar with it. Having taken part in a peer support group is an advantage as well.


We are looking for someone empathetic, active and independent. Main tasks are: to handle registrations, to be in touch with the participants beforehand in order to create a schedule for the group, to be in touch with the experts beforehand, and to facilitate or co-facilitate the sessions. The facilitator will have support from our team at all times.


Salary: 25 € / hour (the job is calculated to take about 40-50 hours in total).


Duration of the work: Work would start in mid-September with introduction and preparations for the sessions. The sessions will take place on Mondays from 15-17, between 1.10 until 19.11.

Enquiries and applications must be sent to integration[at]luckan.fi before 24.08.2017, but we will process the applications as soon as we receive them and call applicants for interviews as soon as possible. Interviews will be held during week 35 and 36.